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Fluoride is NOT good for us!

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I know you know how I feel about mercury, so I guess it’s time to teach you a little bit about fluoride.

Back in the day when the word “fluoride” was said, people would immediately think “strong, healthy teeth.” But now I need to retrain your brains to think “poison” when you hear the word “fluoride.”

More and more studies are showing that ingesting fluoride not only causes fluorosis (white or dark stains on your teeth that will not go away no matter how often you brush and floss) but it can also lower a child’s IQ! Once again the FDA has us all fooled. Recent findings say that the risks associated with fluoride use are right up there with other brain toxins like lead and mercury. We are actually finding out that ingested fluoride has zero benefits.

The National Research Council advised the EPA EIGHT years ago that the maximum amount of fluoride permitted in water needed to be reduced. The levels permitted, it said, were just too toxic. And guess what? The FDA is still thinking about it. Can you believe that?? For almost a decade this agency is told that a toxic substance is damaging kids’ brains and the FDA still hasn’t acted. Well I am…

We no longer prescribe fluoride drops or tablets to our patients. We even advise them not to accept these prescriptions from their pediatricians. We do however, give our patients under the age of 14 a topical fluoride treatment that sticks to the outside of their teeth but is not ingested. This is the only way that fluoride is safe. The best way for children to keep their teeth strong is by brushing and flossing properly and coming in for their routine recare visits every 6 months. If you have fluoride in your water at home, try not to drink it. It’s best to either filter it or drink bottled water. Brushing your teeth and washing with it is just fine.

So please, say no to fluoride when your pediatrician offers you a prescription.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read.

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