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Where Wrentham patients can find affordable dental care

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When searching for a dental practice, many patients are looking for similar things – gentle care, a friendly staff, and convenient location. However, the cost of dental services is also a consideration as many patients fear costly, and unexpected procedures in the future. Dr. Rawat and his team at Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham offer patients a full suite of affordable dental services under the same roof, saving patients time and frustration of having to shop for specialty care. The best way to keep dental costs low is to make preventative dental education and care a priority. Daily brushing with … Continue reading

Wrentham biological dentist focuses on the body as a whole by avoiding the placement of silver amalgam fillings

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Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham, MA is a biological dentist. He understands the importance of maintaining a healthy smile for a healthy body. Overall health and wellness are affected by oral health. This is due to the oral systemic connection. When bacteria or metal is present in the mouth, it affects the rest of the body. It can lead to the development of several medical conditions as well as neurological disorders. This is the reason why a biological dentist may suggest avoiding silver amalgam fillings. What is silver amalgam? Silver amalgam is a mixture of metals that has … Continue reading

Dentist in Wrentham offers professional teeth whitening services

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At Advanced Dental Practices, patients in and around the area of Wrentham, MA are welcome to learn about a wide variety of general and cosmetic dentistry services available through our practice. From teeth cleanings and examinations to full mouth rehabilitation, our team of professionals offers it all. When individuals are struggling with imperfections of the smile such as discoloration, they can turn to us. Advanced Dental Practices offers professional teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening is a fast way for patients to achieve a more beautiful smile. Dr. Rawat offers take-home whitening kits for his patients. He educates individuals on how … Continue reading

Fluoride is NOT good for us!

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I know you know how I feel about mercury, so I guess it’s time to teach you a little bit about fluoride. Back in the day when the word “fluoride” was said, people would immediately think “strong, healthy teeth.” But now I need to retrain your brains to think “poison” when you hear the word “fluoride.” More and more studies are showing that ingesting fluoride not only causes fluorosis (white or dark stains on your teeth that will not go away no matter how often you brush and floss) but it can also lower a child’s IQ! Once again the … Continue reading

School is back in session so its time to get organized!

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School is back in session so its time to get organized! If you or someone in your family is due for their recare visit and don’t have it scheduled already, call the office and get it on your calendar. Not only is it important to have your teeth and gums checked for your oral health, but regular dental checkups can reveal much about your overall health as well. The end of the year will be here before we know it. If you have dental insurance and have benefits remaining that don’t get used, on December 31st 2014, YOU WILL LOSE … Continue reading

Suing the FDA

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So as you all know, amalgam mercury (silver) fillings are poisonous! We all really need to spread the word so that people start understanding this. Believe it or not, there are still so many dentists that use amalgams in their practices! However, there are several groups that are trying very hard to put an end to this. As a matter of fact, a lawsuit was filed in March 2014 in the DC District Federal Court against the FDA! Despite growing evidence of harm caused by dental amalgam, the FDA continues to delay its decision to protect public health against the … Continue reading

Silver fillings are poisonous!

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Starting now, I promise to get better with my blogging. I have so many interesting dental facts that I really want to share with you and I need to take more time to do just that. As you may or may not know, I am a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology). I am passionate about spreading the word about the mercury/amalgam fillings that you may have in your mouth- THEY ARE POISONOUS! That’s right- metal or “silver” fillings in your teeth could make you sick. They are 50% mercury. Check out the Wikipedia article … Continue reading

What is safe mercury removal

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When you go to the dentist to have an old mercury silver filling removed, the typical scenario is  the dentist numbs the tooth  and then drills out the old filling.  The dentist may have a paper mask and gloves on, but what is happening when the old mercury filling is being removed , is that there is a spray of mercury vapor and particulate that is a major plume coming out of your mouth.  This mercury vapor plume is very poisonous.  Both the dentist, the assistant, and you the patient, are breathing this plume of mercury vapor.  Of course, as … Continue reading

Why Dental Amalgam

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All Dentists have been taught ,in the last 180 years, the use of a dental material  that has been considered inexpensive and long-lasting.  This fact according to the American dental Association is the reason that even today the majority of dentists use this material which is over 50% mercury.  According to the American dental Association when Mercury is mixed with silver and a few other trace metals that the amalgam is inert.  There has never been any scientific proof that this statement could be correct. This has been a very controversial issue ever since, 180 years ago, the dental amalgam … Continue reading

Biologic Dentistry

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As you may know new things are happening all the time in dentistry. If you’ve been coming to my office for the past 10 years you’ve seen many changes that we have made for the better. My main goal with all these changes has been to give you ,the patient, a better product and a better experience in an atmosphere of friendly professionalism. One of the changes I made back in 1997 was to eliminate the use of silver mercury fillings also known as amalgams. My main reason for this change was the fact that the silver mercury filling would … Continue reading

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