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Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards at Advanced Dental Practices, Wrentham, MA So many benefits come from an active lifestyle that the risks are far outweighed. Because certain activities, such as sports, carry a bit of a greater chance for injury, it is recommended that players wear adequate protection. At Advanced Dental Practices, Dr. Rawat designs protective mouthguards for athletes who want to protect their teeth, their jaw, and other oral structures that may be impacted by blunt force.

We have all seen professional athletes with a mouthguard in place. When this appliance is made for the individual, there is nothing bulky, stressful, or uncomfortable about it. Simply put your mouthguard into place over your teeth and significantly minimize your risk of major injury.

Also called a mouth protector, a mouthguard is like a shock absorber that can cushion impact to the face and head. Custom fitted appliances fit over the teeth comfortably and provide protection against broken or chipped teeth. Regular wear of a mouthguard can also prevent injury to the lips, lining of the cheeks, and the tongue.

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Your smile is something you have invested time, energy, and money into. You don't want to take for granted that teeth will last a lifetime. When physical activities are a part of your life, you want to know that you have covered all of the important bases, which a mouthguard can help you do. This protection is important for athletes of all ages, as studies reveal that there is 60-times greater risk for injury for players not wearing a mouthguard.

Sports are fun and provide a physical and mental challenge. Activities in which collision or contact is guaranteed such as boxing or football, clearly call for protection of the teeth, jaw, and face. Athletes of non-contact sports like skating or gymnastics, however, can also benefit from a customized mouthguard.

Mouth protectors can seem standard protective gear. Many athletes find models online or in their local sporting goods store. There is a clear difference between stock mouthguards and those made by an experienced dentist. Athletes who have used both report their custom fitted appliance much more stable and comfortable.

Dr. Rawat is happy to see new and existing patients from areas including Franklin, Attleboro, Mansfield, Bellingham, and Walpole.

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If sports are a part of your life, we can help you make sure your smile remains healthy and protected.
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