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Bruxism at Advanced Dental Practices, Wrentham, MA Do you notice that your jaw feels extremely tight or sore in the morning? Are there days on which you wonder if you will be able to open your mouth? Bruxism may not be a familiar term, but the effects of this condition, otherwise known as clenching and grinding, are very commonly felt.

The prevalence of bruxism has yet to be confirmed. Some studies estimate that as many as one in three people suffer symptoms from nighttime grinding. Others suggest that only about 8 percent of the population are bruxers. Regardless of how many people may share the frustrations you feel, the good news is that you can find help in the office of Dr. Rawat.

Bruxism is not a small problem. Depending on the severity of grinding and clenching, the consequences of this habit can have a major impact on oral health.

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Effects of teeth grinding

If you grind your teeth, you may experience varying degrees of symptoms. In many cases, professional dental care is the ideal approach to improved comfort and the preservation of oral health. The impact of bruxism may be seen as gum recession, loosening of teeth, tooth fractures, worn enamel, tooth sensitivity or pain, a persistent ache in the jaw, chronic headaches, TMJ disorder and tooth loss.

Help for bruxers

Dr. Rawat has been in practice for nearly twenty-five years. In this time, he has helped numerous patients from Wrentham, Franklin, Mansfield, and Attleboro address issues with bruxism. There is no "cure" for this condition, because most people do it when they sleep. In some cases, we may discuss ways to reduce emotional stress, as this can exacerbate the existing problem. Studies show that stress is behind 70 percent of bruxism cases. In most situations, however, we see the greatest results with a simple, comfortable night guard.

Night guard appliances are worn while you sleep. They are made of durable plastic and, although soft and comfortable, the tray acts as a shock absorber against the force of clenching and grinding. Therefore, while the night guard does not stop you from bruxing, it blunts the stress that the teeth and jaw would otherwise feel.

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We can help you recognize the symptoms of bruxism and provide you with the focused care you need to save your jaw, your teeth, and your sanity!
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