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About Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings at Advanced Dental Practices, Wrentham, MA

Mercury-free fillings available in our Wrentham, MA office

Due to the extent of change that has occurred in dentistry in the last several decades, silver (mercury) fillings have become outdated. Patients are no longer limited in their choices. Through information, we empower you and your family to identify dental treatments that are best suited to your needs.

If you are interested in regaining the most natural appearance or want to stop feeling self-conscious about the look of dark fillings in your teeth, you can benefit from discussing your options for safe filling removal and replacement with composite or porcelain fillings. Cavities can now be treated with a selection of durable, attractive and, most importantly, safe materials. Using composite or other substances, Dr. Rawat can help you enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile.

Our motto at Advanced Dental Practices is to treat conservatively. We believe in preserving natural tooth structure because this leads to healthier, more durable teeth overall. Our team does not repair teeth with amalgam, which contains mercury. Instead, we use materials that we can blend and mix to create the perfect shade for a natural appearance.

What our patients say about us

"The best dental visit I've ever had.
I had a filling replaced and the new one looks like a natural tooth. I've never seen work this good! The dentist is gentle, considerate, extra careful and so skillful."
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In addition to authenticity, tooth-colored fillings are also supportive to the tooth structure that remains. Bonded to the tooth, a composite or porcelain filling can significantly minimize the risk of further damage from expansion with temperature changes in the mouth. Due to the composition of metal, amalgam fillings have been known to expand to such a degree that the natural tooth structure may fracture or crack. Both porcelain and composite expand similarly to enamel, creating the ideal scenario for longevity.

Dr. Rawat understands that there is something appealing about a naturally white smile. Patients treated with tooth-colored fillings work hard to preserve the appearance of their smile. If a tooth is damaged by decay, a tooth-colored filling restores proper form in a way that hides the fact that a cavity ever existed. No one but you and your dental team have to know you've had work done on your smile!

Our view of silver fillings is that they can pose a cosmetic and a health risk. For this reason, we repair teeth with mercury-free alternatives.

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Whether you want to remove existing silver fillings or want to establish yourself with a mercury-safe, mercury-free dental practice, Advanced Dental Practices is an office where you will be welcomed by a friendly, experienced team.
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