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Holistic and Biocompatible Solutions for Dental Cavitation Treatment

Dental Cavitations Implants at Advanced Dental Practices, Wrentham, MA Wrentham, MA, area patients told they have a “dental cavitation” may not fully understand what this means. Some think it relates to cavities, but this is not the case. Dental cavitation is a condition that can occur during which a hole is left behind in the jawbone following dental extraction. While in most cases, the hole in the bone where the tooth resided heals on its own and fills in, there are situations where this may not occur. These cavitations can be harmful to one’s oral health, as they can become infected or develop toxins that can spread to other areas of the body. Getting a proper diagnosis and finding an effective treatment can reduce the risks of dental cavitations left behind following the permanent extraction of natural teeth.

What dental cavitation treatments are available

In cases where dental cavitation is diagnosed, treatment commonly involves a series of procedures. By starting with a series of ozone treatments, that can resolve the bacteria in the area. The dentist will also surgically remove any tissue, dead bone, or debris that may be impacting the targeted area. Patients might also want to ask about laser treatments to address this area and improve their oral health. Our practice focuses on providing more holistic and biocompatible solutions for common dental issues. It continues to educate patients on the benefits of treatment for dental cavitation with today’s latest technologies for precision care.

What our patients say about us

"Office was able to fit me in when I had an urgent issue. Discussed permanent repair potentials and costs. Appreciated the care and honesty."
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How do I know if I have dental cavitation?

In most cases, dental cavitation is diagnosed during a follow-up appointment after removing permanent teeth, such as the wisdom teeth, which are commonly extracted. X-rays and other imaging can show signs of cavitation to ensure a definitive diagnosis.

Learn more about dental cavitation and treatment options

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