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Benefits of mercury free practices offered by Massachusetts dentist transcend oral health

Advanced Dental Practices is truly an “advanced” dental practice. Through modern techniques and technologies, Dr. Rawat and his team offer quality alternatives to traditional dental treatments to safely and comfortably restore damaged teeth back to beautiful appearance and optimal function.
As a biological and holistic practice, Dr. Rawat and his team only use mercury- free materials to rebuild a diseased, decayed, cracked, or broken tooth. Silver-colored fillings have been used for more than a century. This traditional option is known as dental amalgam because it is made from a combination of materials including: silver, tin, copper, and mercury.
Mercury is linked to a number of conditions that are associated with the gum disease all dentists try to prevent among their patients, including: heart disease, poorly-controlled diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Ironically, mercury continues to be used in amalgam fillings and some dental associations have issued conflicting reports on this potentially harmful element. Since there is a risk of patients absorbing mercury through their fillings, the only time mercury-containing materials will be present at Advanced Dental Practices is when patients visit us to have their older restorations replaced with beautiful and durable tooth-colored fillings made from ceramic.
Threats are also posed by mercury vapors released as these old silver fillings are removed. For this reason, not all dentists are equipped to safely remove mercury-containing fillings. Dr. Rawat, however, adheres to the protocol established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. By following IAOMT removal standards, which include use of devices to capture and suction mercury vapors and aerosols released during the procedure, the significant threat posed during the removal of these fillings is eliminated.
Filling material is designed to “fill in” those areas of your tooth that are damaged by bacteria in your mouth and sugars in food and drink. When these substances combine they produce acids that eat away at the protective enamel covering. Eventually, this destructive combination produces tiny openings or holes in your teeth. Fillings treat cavities or tooth decay that has progressed beyond enamel erosion. Fillings are not a suitable treatment option should decay be allowed to progress. Some cavities may be too large or too deep to be treated effectively with fillings.
With your mercury-free dentist in Massachusetts, Dr. Rawat’s composite or porcelain fillings help prevent more serious dental conditions and relieve symptoms; such as tooth pain and sensitivity; however, as a replacement for silver fillings, many patients have also experienced the whole-body benefits of mercury-free fillings. Patients may also experience relief from symptoms related to eczema, allergies, back pain, fatigue, migraines, gastrointestinal discomfort, anxiety, and depression.
Call (508) 456-7111 to schedule an appointment and discover the safer, mercury-free alternative to dentistry and achieving oral and holistic health.
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