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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease at Advanced Dental Practices, Wrentham, MA Our view of dentistry recognizes that what happens in the mouth does not stay there. Your mouth is an integral part of your body and, as such, has an enormous impact on your physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Our team works to help patients avoid the pitfalls of poor oral health, paying close attention to gum health during routine exams and cleanings.

Gum disease is a condition that seems localized in the gums, affecting the teeth and other parts of the mouth. Irritation and inflammation in the gums causes recession in which roots become exposed. Because roots have no protective enamel overlay, the contact they have with oral bacteria can quickly lead to cavities. Advancing disease can reach bone tissue in the jaw, causing it to break down, resulting in loosening of teeth. These consequences alone are enough reason to want to avoid gum disease, but they are only a small portion of what can come of oral infection.

If gum disease is not treated sufficiently, there is a risk of numerous conditions, including stroke, heart attack, an over-stressed immune system, which reduces natural immunity, inhibited digestion, respiratory disease, and pregnancy risks such as pre-term delivery or a low birth weight.

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It was perfect. The appointments have always been great. They are a green dentistry office and I have always received the best service ever. I have been to many dentist practices before I hooked on to Dr. Rawat and believe me when I tell you, I travel a way to get to Dr. R's, and it is worth every mile to me. They take excellent care of my teeth and gums, give me the information I need to keep my teeth and gums in good shape, and when I need something done, they explain everything in detail. I am very lucky to have found such a good place."
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There is good news about gum disease!

Oral infection such as gum disease can be prevented. Although some people may be more prone to this condition, there are ways in which the effects of oral bacteria can be greatly minimized. Routine cleanings, for instance, remove plaque and tartar that have collected on teeth around the gums. In plaque and tartar are hosts of oral bacteria that weaken tissues, even hard-as-nails enamel.

Dental Educational Video on Gum Disease

Dental Educational Video on Gum Disease
The 3 stages of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by toxins irritating the gum line as a result of plaque buildup. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis includes swelling, sensitivity, and bleeding of the gums during brushing and flossing. Gingivitis can be easily reversed through professional care and good home oral hygiene. Periodontitis is categorized by irreversible bone loss that results from untreated gingivitis. The gums may begin to form a pocket below the gum line which traps food and plaque. Dental treatment and home care can help prevent from further damage, but at this stage, the results are not reversible. Advanced periodontitis is when the fibers and bones supporting the teeth destroyed. This may cause teeth to shift or loosen. Teeth may have to be removed depending on how advanced the disease has become and if treatments are not effective. You can begin by preventing gum disease with good oral health. Pick up a brochure or ask your dentist today.
Dr. Rawat performs thorough examinations and health history with each patient. Understanding risk factors such as health conditions (diabetes), lifestyle habits (smoking), nutrition, medications, and others, he can plan preventive care according to individual need. Gum disease prevention is not just about brushing and flossing every day, although these are key elements to oral health. Maintaining teeth and gums is a process of discovery and proactive steps.

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