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Teeth whitening

Your neighbor does it while she watches television. Celebrities do it when the paparazzi aren’t looking. Your yardman could be doing it while he mows the lawn.

What is it?

The number-one requested cosmetic procedure in the United States is teeth whitening!

Discoloration and dullness are problems that most adults experience at some point. Because tooth enamel is porous, tiny particles from foods and beverages are bound to accumulate over time. The team at Advanced Dental Practices helps patients renew their smiles with professional teeth whitening treatments that work.

Home whitening has been around for more than twenty years. The safe, effective process used by your experienced dentist has been perfected over hundreds of years! Rather than leave the health and appearance of your teeth to home remedies, you can trust in the efficiency and gentle whitening obtained with our professional-grade solution.

Teeth whitening are a convenient, affordable way to transform your smile. Removing years of set-in stains can renew your smile and make you appear years younger. The key to achieving natural looking results is to consult your dentist. Many people attempt teeth whitening using a DIY method or a promising commercial product. In most cases, results are limited. In some cases, a non-professional treatment causes damage to teeth or gums.

Dr. Palioca provides cosmetic teeth whitening that are safe and that achieves results you will love. The BriteSmile home whitening method begins with making custom-fit trays. We supply you with the tray and the gel whitening solution along with instructions for daily wear. Because discoloration is corrected gradually, you have total control over how white you go with your smile. The brightest white may sound appealing. The ideal shade for each person, however, will correlate with hair and skin color.

You don't have to live in Hollywood to have a celebrity smile. Our team believes in star-quality treatments that help you feel your best. If you live in the Wrentham area or in one of our neighboring communities of Franklin, Attleboro, Mansfield, Bellingham, and Walpole, our office is conveniently located near you. Schedule your visit with us at (508) 456-7111.

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