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Wrentham area patients can enjoy mercury free dental fillings at Advanced Dental Practices

Dr. Rawat and the team at Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham work closely with patients in and around the community to determine their specific oral health care needs. When cavities occur, it is important for patients to seek dental attention as soon as possible for treatment to keep them from growing larger. Cavities left untreated may become deeper and more damaging to the structure of the natural tooth. It may require the need for treatments such as root canal therapy to save the tooth and avoid extraction.
Traditional dental practices continue to use silver amalgam fillings for areas of decay. While these fillings have been used for decades to repair teeth, it has been shown that the mercury levels found in these fillings can have a negative effect on health and wellness. This is why we have a holistic approach to dental health and offer mercury free dental fillings. Mercury free dental fillings are made of composite resin which is a tooth-colored material. It is applied into the area, hardened with a special light, and then shaped and polished to match the existing tooth structure. This aesthetic option saves the tooth and the beauty of the smile.
Mercury free dental fillings have several benefits over silver amalgam fillings. First, they are more aesthetic. Silver amalgam fillings stand out in the smile as they are extremely noticeable. Composite resin fillings are also safer as they do not expose patients to mercury. These mercury free fillings do not expand and contract to changes in temperature. This reduces the risk of bacteria entering into the tooth and causing further issues for patients such as infection and inflammation.
Wrentham area patients ready to learn more about mercury free dental fillings are welcome to contact Advanced Dental Practices today by calling (508) 456-7111 to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Rawat. His dental team is dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles with general and aesthetic dentistry solutions for children and adults.
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