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What are composite dental fillings?

composite dental fillings Dr. Rawat and the team of Advanced Dental Practices

Dr. Rawat and the team of Advanced Dental Practices firmly believe in providing biological dentistry solutions for new and existing patients. Everything done to the smile affects the body in one way or another. Over the years, many dentists have been treating areas of decay with fillings made from Amalgam. This material contains 50 percent mercury – a substance that is toxic to the human body. Many studies have found the dangers of silver amalgam fillings when used in dentistry, which is why our team of professionals focus on providing biocompatible options that are safer and more aesthetic. Our practice offers composite resin dental fillings.

Composite resin is tooth-colored. It is completely safe to use as a treatment to cavities. The material is applied onto the area of decay after it has been prepared. It is shaped in place, hardened with a special light, and then filed and polished to blend in with the natural tooth enamel.

There are several benefits to using composite resin dental fillings


When patients have dental work done, they want to restore the smile in a way that looks completely natural. They don’t want restorations that stand out as being repairs. Composite resin is matched with the natural tooth color so that no one will know that you have a filling!


Composite resin is biocompatible with the body, unlike silver amalgam fillings. Instead of using mercury-laden materials to fill in an area of decay, the composite resin can achieve the same results without the dangers associated with alternative treatment options.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Silver amalgam fillings have a tendency to expand or contract with temperature changes. This leaves the inner portions of the tooth exposed and can result in bacteria getting into the tooth’s natural structures. Bacteria can cause an infection in the dental pulp, resulting in pain and discomfort — and sometimes, the need for further treatments such a root canal therapy to save the natural tooth.

Composite dental fillings are an aesthetic, safe way for patients to treat areas of decay in the smile. Learn more by calling Advanced Dental Practices today!

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