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Biologic Dentistry

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As you may know new things are happening all the time in dentistry. If you’ve been coming to my office for the past 10 years you’ve seen many changes that we have made for the better. My main goal with all these changes has been to give you ,the patient, a better product and a better experience in an atmosphere of friendly professionalism.
One of the changes I made back in 1997 was to eliminate the use of silver mercury fillings also known as amalgams. My main reason for this change was the fact that the silver mercury filling would break teeth due to its expansion over time. The fact that mercury is a poison to the human body was secondary to the destruction of tooth structure that these fillings caused. In 2006 the Mass. state legislature passed a law requiring that all dental offices have an amalgam separator so that the amalgam that is taken out of your mouth will not go into the land or our sewage systems. At this time the American Dental Association has deemed that the silver mercury filling is not harmful to be put in a human body.
Biologic dentistry is all about the use of techniques for the removal of silver mercury fillings in a manner that protects the patient the dentist and the dental assistants. I have been removing these fillings for the past 30 years. In the last two years I have been doing testing to quantify the amount of mercury in my system. The testing shows that I’m very high in mercury this could only be because of the removal of the silver mercury fillings. At a later date I will go into some of the techniques used to prevent contamination of my patients myself and my staff from the mercury vapor that is released when the silver mercury filling is removed. I would like you to look at this video on YouTube called the smoking tooth. This video will let you see what happens to an 25-year-old silver mercury restoration and the amount of mercury vapor that continues to be released even after 25 years. You can find this video on my website www.adpdental.com

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