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Wrentham biological dentist focuses on the body as a whole by avoiding the placement of silver amalgam fillings

Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham, MA is a biological dentist. He understands the importance of maintaining a healthy smile for a healthy body. Overall health and wellness are affected by oral health. This is due to the oral systemic connection. When bacteria or metal is present in the mouth, it affects the rest of the body. It can lead to the development of several medical conditions as well as neurological disorders. This is the reason why a biological dentist may suggest avoiding silver amalgam fillings.

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What is silver amalgam?

Silver amalgam is a mixture of metals that has been used over the years to treat cavities. However, in recent years, studies have shown how silver amalgam fillings can negatively impact the body due to their mercury content. Mercury can seep into the bloodstream and contribute to many different concerns. Instead of using silver amalgam fillings, patients can improve their overall dental health and wellness by using composite resin fillings.

What is composite resin?

Composite resin is a putty-like material that is commonly used for not only addressing cavities, but in restoring the smile when chips and cracks occur. Composite resin can also be used to disguise gaps between teeth when orthodontic work seems excessive. Dr. Rawat and the team of Advanced Dental Practices work closely with patients to help them achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles.

Contacting a biological dentist

Dr. Rawat is one of the professionals readily available at Advanced Dental Practices to help Wrentham, MA area patients with their dental health care needs. Contact his practice today by calling (508) 456-7111 and speaking to our front office team about scheduling an initial consultation appointment and evaluation. We welcome new patients.

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