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Biological dentist of Wrentham, MA explains the importance of holistic dental care

Biological Dental Services in Wrentham MA area

When patients in Wrentham, MA think of dental care, dental fillings and cleanings often come to mind. However, there is much more to oral health than just routine visits to the dentist for examinations and treatments. The mouth is the link to the entire body through the oral-systemic connection. Patients with periodontal disease and other infections of the mouth may experience other medical problems elsewhere in their body. This holistic connection is what makes Dr. Rawat dedicated to offering biological dental care for Wrentham, MA patients interested in not only improving the health of their smile but also their body … Continue reading

Advantages of biological dental care in Wrentham, MA

Enjoy biological dental care with Dr. Rawat in Wrentham, MA at Advanced Dental Practices

At Wrentham, MA office, Advanced Dental Practices, patients in the community speak with a professional such as Dr. Rawat to learn about the advantages of working with a biological dentist. Biological dental care is becoming increasingly popular as patients learn more about how important oral health is and how the rest of the body is impacted when oral health is at risk. Instead of performing procedures that are not considered safe or using materials that are toxic to the body, a biological dentist takes all of this into consideration to provide the best care possible. What are the advantages of … Continue reading

Biological dental services available at Wrentham, Massachusetts area practice

Biological dental services available at Wrentham, Massachusetts

At Advanced Dental Practices, we offer a variety of biological dental services for patients in the Wrentham, Massachusetts area. Dr. Rawat and his staff work closely with individuals to ensure they are doing what is not only healthy for the smile but for the entire body. At the heart of biological dentistry is the use of materials that are safe and appropriate, including mercury-free fillings. Fillings explained A filling is a material that is used to treat an area of decay within a tooth. Tooth decay, or “cavities,” can develop due to poor oral hygiene habits. When patients have acids … Continue reading

Why Wrentham biological dentist encourages patients to consider mercury-free dentistry

biological dentist encourages patients to consider mercury-free dentistry

At Advanced Dental Practices, our biological team of professionals include a dentist who is a member of the IAOMT. Wrentham area patients who are interested in caring for their smiles in a more natural manner are encouraged to make an appointment and discuss the benefits of mercury-free dentistry. What is mercury? Mercury is a substance that is toxic to the human body. Silver amalgam fillings, which have been used by dentists for years for the treatment of cavities, is a material that is made of approximately 50 percent mercury. When patients chew food, or drink a warm beverage, mercury vapor … Continue reading

Massachusetts biological dentist helps patients improve the health of their smile

biological dentist helps patients improve the health of their smile

Dr. Rawat and the team at Advanced Dental Practices believes in offering biological treatments for patients. Our dentist ensures everything achieved with the smile keeps the health of the body in mind. Everything done in the smile can affect the body due to the oral systemic connection. Patients in the Wrentham, Massachusetts area are encouraged to take the time to learn about the advantages of visiting a biological dentist for their oral health care. Oral systemic connection Many patients are interested in learning about the oral systemic connection. This is the link between the mouth and the rest of the … Continue reading

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