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Loose CEREC Crown

Loose CEREC Crown

I had a patient in the chair the other day with a loose Crown.  The crown was only a year and a half old and it was on an implant.  This happened to be a Cerec  crown that I made on this implant.  I tried to remove the crown in the traditional manner which is with the use of a Crown remover.  This however did not work so I cut the crown split open and took it out.  What I found was the abutment or post as people might refer to it had come loose and all I needed to do was tighten the screw.  After tightening the screw I simply took another picture and made another crown.

The reason I’m telling you about this is to show you the versatility and the user-friendly manner which Cerec  allows myself and the patient the fix a problem that in the past would’ve taken at least two appointments.  Instead in one hour and a half the patient walked out the office with a new crown in their mouth.  The patient was very happy about this and also about the warranty on the crown which was 100%.  He was especially happy about this.

I only brought this case up so that people can understand what this technology has done for you and for the dentist.  The ability to save teeth that otherwise would’ve needed  root canal treatment and post and crown which used to take four visits now can be done usually with an onlay in one visit.  What this means to the patient is not only a large savings in time a large savings in money.

I’ve been using Cerec for eight years now.  Over this time the technology has improved even more.  When I used to use a lab for this work the fit of the restorations was pretty good.  With Cerec however the fit is far superior.  Also the failure rate is much less than lab produced crowns.  What this means to you the consumer is a much better restoration than was possible before this technology existed.

Thank you for your time, I will keep you abreast of the new technologies of the fut

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