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Advanced Dental Practices one day crowns

One of the most amazing things that we do in our practice is to construct restorations using Cad Cam technology. When this is performed, there is no need for messy gooey impressions and no need for a temporary crown because the permanent restoration is delivered at the same appointment.

These restorations are more accurate than conventional crowns fabricated at a commercial dental lab. Color can be matched perfectly to the color of your existing teeth.  The accuracy for which these crowns fit is far superior than the old porcelain fused to metal crowns because there is no lump at the margin. The reason for this is these restorations are all bonded, bonding is when you flow a resin material into the tooth structure and into the restoration. This bond leaves no residual bump on the tooth surface where bacteria could accumulate and cause recurrent decay.

The CAD/CAM technology allows for a much more conservative approach than a crown is. These restorations are called onlays. This is a much more conservative preparation of the tooth where we remove only diseased tooth structure and old restorative material. This is far better for the tooth because you are conserving healthy tooth  structure and not cutting away healthy tooth structure in order to make a crown or cap.

These restorations either crowns or onlays are both done in about an hour and a half. You will go home with the final restoration fully bonded and polished and not have to come back for a second appointment in order to cement the restoration in. This technology is designed to save you time in your busy hectic  lives. We have been using this technology for 7 years and this is truly one of the most innovative and wonderful technologies that has come to dentistry.

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