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Wrentham area patients can enjoy one visit dental crowns at Advanced Dental Practices

one visit dental crown from Dr. Ross Palioca in Wrentham

With continued improvements in technology, the dental field sees vast improvements as well. Technology allows for dentists to create restorations with CAD/CAM technology, eliminating the need for sending molds to an outside laboratory for a week or two wait. Wrentham area patients are welcome to learn more about CEREC technology and one visit dental crowns and restorations from Dr. Ross Palioca.

Ceramic restorations

Ceramic restorations have become increasingly popular over the years. Not only are they durable and beautiful, they also eliminate the biological concerns with other materials often used in dentistry such as metals or silver amalgam. Ceramic is the perfect choice for dental restorations and remains the best option for patients considering repair of the smile.

CEREC technology

In just one visit, patients can enjoy the fabrication of dental crowns, veneers, or bridges in our office. Dr. Ross Palioca takes digital impressions of the smile which are sent to the software. The CEREC machine will mill out the new restoration from a ceramic block, allowing the dentist to apply the restoration during the same visit. Most restorations are completed in about 90 minutes with this amazing machine.

Benefits of one visit dental crowns

In more traditional dental settings, dentists often take conventional molds of the teeth and then send them to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of restorations. This process, from start to finish, can take weeks, and often requires the placement of a temporary restoration while patients wait.

Appointments are available today for new and existing patients

Dr. Ross Palioca is a member of the IAOMT and a dedicated biological dentist. His practice is located at 21 East Street in Wrentham, MA. Call (508) 456-7111 today and schedule an appointment to discuss the benefits of one visit dental crowns and restorations with today’s CEREC technology!
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