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Ozone is a powerful therapeutic option during dental treatments

Ozone Therapy Dentist Near Me In Wrentham, MA

When you hear the word “ozone,” earth’s atmosphere likely comes to mind. But were you aware that ozone can also be used in a wide variety of medical and dental applications? When used by experienced dentists like Dr. Anshuman Rawat in Wrentham, Massachusetts, ozone is a powerful therapeutic option that can be used in a broad selection of dental treatments to reduce infection and promote optimal healing. What is ozone, and how does it work? Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that is composed of three oxygen atoms. It is a gas in its natural state but can also be … Continue reading

How does ozone therapy work at Wrentham area dental clinic?

Dr. Rawat focuses on providing biological dental solutions to his patients. He wants to ensure that everything performed in the oral cavity is safe, appropriate, and holistic.

Dr. Rawat and the team of Advanced Dental Practices welcomes patients in the Wrentham, MA area to learn about solutions available in our office such as ozone therapy. What is ozone? Ozone is a type of oxygen that has therapeutic benefits. When it is administered by a dental professional with the right equipment, it can provide effective, conservative solutions for patients at Advanced Dental Practices. Ozone continues to be studied as a therapy that provides amazing benefits to patients who are having dental work done, and is highly recommended by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. What are … Continue reading

Wrentham, MA area patients ask how ozone therapy used for teeth

Wrentham, MA area dentist offers ozone therapy for the teeth.

Wrentham, MA area patients who want to take good care of their teeth need to see a quality dentist on a regular basis. It is encouraged that patients work with a biological dentist who can provide services that are not offered at many other offices in the area. For example, Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices offers ozone therapy for patients who want to enjoy faster healing and restoration of their smiles. Ozone therapy explained Ozone therapy is used to improve the health of the smile. Ozone is a gas that is used in a therapeutic manner. It can be … Continue reading

Wrentham dentist describes the benefits of ozone dental treatment

Dr. Rawat describes the benefits of ozone dental treatment

With today’s science and technology, patients can enjoy the many benefits of modern dentistry. Dr. Rawat and the team at Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham, MA work closely with patients to help them choose the best possible treatments for their smiles. We focus on biological dentistry to ensure that anything done to the smile is safe for the rest of the body. We also use special technologies to provide substantially better treatments for everyone who visits our practice. A benefit of visiting us is the addition of ozone therapy to many dental treatments. Ozone is a gas that was discovered … Continue reading

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