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Specialist in Wrentham, MA answers, ‘Are root canals bad for you?’

In Wrentham, MA, patients who are seeking a specialist for their dental care are welcome to speak to the team at Advanced Dental Practices. Dr. Rawat and his staff are committed to helping individuals achieve the smile of their dreams with quality services. One treatment that is often suggested when patients are faced with infection of a tooth is root canal therapy.

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Root canal demystified

When patients hear of root canals, their first thought is pain. However, pain is what brings patients in for root canal therapy – and that pain is eliminated. The procedure is performed to save a tooth instead of having to extract it. It removes the dental pulp and fills the tooth so that patients do not have to remove their tooth due to infection. It is preferred, as removal and replacement can be costly.

Steps in root canal therapy

There is a process when it comes to root canal therapy.

  • Evaluation – first, patients must get an evaluation to determine if they need root canal therapy. This evaluation may include a physical examination as well as x-rays to look inside the tooth to determine if infection or inflammation is there. Once patients are determined appropriate candidates for root canal therapy, they can move forward with treatment.
  • Preparation – The tooth is prepared for removal of the dental pulp and patients are given proper sedation and anesthetics to ensure they are comfortable for the entire process. Patients can discuss their sedation options before they start the treatment.
  • Procedure – the procedure begins with the dentist accessing the inner portion of the tooth. This is done with a special instrument that makes a small hole. Through this hole, the dentist removes the dental pulp (a mass of tissues inside the tooth) and then disinfects the entire area.
  • Completion – once this has been done, the tooth is filled with a material called gutta percha. In many cases, Dr. Rawat places a dental crown onto the tooth to provide an extra layer of protection and strength.


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Are root canals bad for you?

When performed correctly, root canal therapy is safe and effective. A problem that can occur with root canals is when the dentist does not properly disinfect and seal off the tooth. This leaves an opening where bacteria can reenter the tooth and cause another infection – then requiring the tooth to be extracted. When performed by Dr. Rawat, he takes great care in ensuring the results of his work are permanent!Beautiful Smile, Advanced Dental Practices

Are you ready to address infection and maintain your beautiful smile?

Contact the team of Advanced Dental Practices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rawat. His practice, conveniently located at 21 East Street, provides Wrentham, MA area patients a way to improve the health and wellness of their smiles. Call the friendly front office team at (508) 456-7111 today!


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