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Dentist in Wrentham, MA offers root canal treatment to save a natural tooth from extraction

Dental problems can make patients nervous about the treatments they need. In addition, many Wrentham, MA patients are uneasy about being told they require root canal treatment. However, Dr. Rawat is a dentist in the community who is pleased to help patients understand the benefits of root canal treatment, including the ability to save a tooth from extraction.

Save Tooth With Root Canal in Wrentham MA area

What happens to require root canal treatment?

In most cases, patients who have an infection or diseased tooth may require root canal treatment, also referred to as “endodontic therapy.” This infection or disease may be caused by a large cavity or an infection that reaches the inner canals of the tooth and infects the dental pulp. This is a mass of tissues within the tooth that includes the nerves. Patients who have an infection of their inner tooth may experience a severe toothache. The only two treatment options are root canal treatment or extraction.

What happens during root canal therapy?

There are several steps involved in root canal treatment:

  • Sedation and anesthetics. First, Dr. Rawat ensures that patients are comfortable and provides sedation and anesthetic options to fit everyone’s needs.
  • Access. The dentist then accesses the inner canals of the tooth through a small hole.
  • Removal of pulp. Then, the dentist uses specialized instruments to remove the dental pulp from within the tooth and disinfect the area.
  • Sealing. Once the area is disinfected, a material called gutta percha seals the canals of the tooth.
  • Crown. In many cases, patients who have had root canal therapy may require the placement of a dental crown over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

Is root canal treatment painful?

With proper sedation and anesthetics, patients will not be uncomfortable during their treatment. Additionally, patients must remember that root canal treatment eliminates the pain caused by infection or disease.

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