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Why Dental Amalgam

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All Dentists have been taught ,in the last 180 years, the use of a dental material  that has been considered inexpensive and long-lasting.  This fact according to the American dental Association is the reason that even today the majority of dentists use this material which is over 50% mercury.  According to the American dental Association when Mercury is mixed with silver and a few other trace metals that the amalgam is inert.  There has never been any scientific proof that this statement could be correct.

This has been a very controversial issue ever since, 180 years ago, the dental amalgam was first used as a restorative material for teeth.   Back then we didn’t have the scientific instrumentation to prove that the mercury in the dental amalgam was not being released as a gas.  Today however we do have instrumentation that shows us mercury vapor being emitted from dental amalgam.  The IAOMT is an organization that utilizes science and the scientific method in order to oppose the opinion of the American dental Association that in fact the dental amalgam gives off mercury gas that is inhaled into the body 24 hours a day.  They made a video called The Smoking Tooth which shows without a doubt the gases that are being released by 25-year-old about him filling in an extracted tooth.  This to me as a dentists who has vowed to do no harm is a very alarming video.

Back in 1995 I made the decision to never put another amalgam filling in anyone’s mouth.  However at the time I didn’t realize that every time I took an old amalgam filling out I was exposing my patient my staff and myself to mercury vapor given off by the amalgam that was being taken out.  Mercury is the third most poisonous substance on this planet.  The mercury vapor penetrates our skin goes through our lungs and deposits it our kidneys our liver in our central nervous system to pose many possible neurologic and physical diseases.

We now use a method called the safe removal of dental amalgam to protect not only our patients but ourselves from the potential hazards of mercury vapor.  This entails the use of high-volume suction a large area suction and respirators. If you are interested in this protocol you can read about it on the website IAOMT.

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