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Dental Patient Education Videos

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Thank you for choosing our website for your dental education needs. Please select from the variety of topics to learn about dental concepts and the services our office can provide.
Gum Disease Dental Video - Gum Disease
Bridges Dental Video - Bridge
Root Canal Dental Video - Root Canal
Dental Implants Dental Video - Dental Implants
Myths and Facts Cavities Dental Video - Myths and Facts Cavities
Myths and Facts Dentistry Dental Video - Myths and Facts Dentistry
Veeners Dental Video - Veeners
Teeth Whitening Dental Video - Teeth Whitening
Sleep Apnea Dental Video - Sleep Apnea
Teeth Maintenance Dental Video - Teeth Maintenance

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What Our Patients Say About Us Friendly, Intelligent and Professional
Advanced Dental accommodated my emergency right away even though I have never been to this dental office before. I was so relieved to find a holistic dental practice so close to my work and home! Dr. Rawat took the time to talk with me and answer all my questions about removing my amalgam fillings, as well. He and his staff are so nice. They really lived up to all the good reviews. My former dental office always assured me that having mercury in my teeth was no problem but I know from my own research that this is not and cannot be true. Thank God for Dr. Rawat who is open to the truth about health and is willing to take the precautions for his patients, himself and his staff to make his office the safest most possible place for dental work. He has lots of information but does not push it on people. It is there in his waiting room or just ask him.... he is willing to share his knowledge!
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