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Loose CEREC Crown

woman smiling with beautiful teeth

I had a patient in the chair the other day with a loose Crown. The crown was only a year and a half old and it was on an implant. This happened to be a Cerec crown that I made on this implant. I tried to remove the crown in the traditional manner which is with the use of a Crown remover. This however did not work so I cut the crown split open and took it out. What I found was the abutment or post as people might refer to it had come loose and all I needed to … Continue reading

TMJ dentist in Wrentham, Massachusetts (02093 area) offers oral appliance therapy

Wrentham, Massachusetts (02093 area) offers oral appliance therapy

Dr. Rawat of Wrentham, Massachusetts (02093 zip code) is a dedicated dentist who assists patients with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various conditions and diseases. When patients have received a diagnosis of TMJ disorder (TMD), they are often concerned as to what their options are. TMD can be treated with the use of oral appliance therapy with a quality dental professional. What is TMJ/TMD? TMJ/TMD is a condition that occurs due to dysfunction of the jaw joint. This is the joint that hinges the skull and lower jaw together. It can become an issue and result in pain, swelling, … Continue reading

Wrentham, MA area dentist offers TMJ treatment options

dentist offers TMJ treatment options Wrentham, MA

Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices is a quality dentist in Wrentham, MA who provides biological and biologic services for patients. As a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), he focuses on providing services that are healthy for both the smile and the body. When patients are experiencing trouble with their temporomandibular joint, or the “TMJ,” they may need treatment from a qualified dentist. The temporomandibular joint is the joint on each side of the jaw that hinges the lower jaw to the skull. This joint is wrapped with a neuromuscular structure that may, at … Continue reading

Wrentham dentist offers a mouth guard for teeth grinding

mouth guard for teeth grinding

Bruxism is experienced by many Americans. It is a disorder that can cause patients to clench and grind their teeth. Grinding and clenching can wear away perfectly healthy tooth enamel. It can also break restorations such as veneers, dental crowns, and bridges. When patients are struggling with bruxism, it may be beneficial for them to consider a mouth guard for teeth grinding. What can be done for teeth grinding and clenching? Wrentham area dentist, Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices works with patients who have bruxism to get them to a point where they are no longer damaging their smile. … Continue reading

Wrentham dentist describes the benefits of ozone dental treatment

Dr. Rawat describes the benefits of ozone dental treatment

With today’s science and technology, patients can enjoy the many benefits of modern dentistry. Dr. Rawat and the team at Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham, MA work closely with patients to help them choose the best possible treatments for their smiles. We focus on biological dentistry to ensure that anything done to the smile is safe for the rest of the body. We also use special technologies to provide substantially better treatments for everyone who visits our practice. A benefit of visiting us is the addition of ozone therapy to many dental treatments. Ozone is a gas that was discovered … Continue reading

Wrentham area dentist explains the importance of implant dentistry

Wrentham area dentist explains the importance of dental implant

Dental implants are popular for replacing missing teeth. While some patients may consider bridges or dentures, some want a solution that doesn’t make them worry when they enjoy their favorite foods. Implant dentistry is gaining popularity at Advanced Dental Practices in Wrentham, MA, as many patients begin to realize the benefits of this tooth-replacement option. What are dental implants? Dr. Rawat of Advanced Dental Practices encourages patients seeking a long-term solution to tooth loss to learn more about implant dentistry. Dental implants are zirconium or titanium alloy posts that act as tooth root replacements. The implant is placed into the … Continue reading

Wrentham patients seeking the best replacement for missing teeth learn about dental implants

patients seeking the best replacement for missing teeth

Patients missing natural teeth may feel self-conscious about their appearance and the function of their smiles. They may cover their mouth when speaking with others or laughing because they feel embarrassed in social situations. It is essential that patients in and around the Wrentham area who are faced with tooth loss speak with a professional about the best tooth replacement options for their smiles. That is because replacing missing teeth as soon as possible can keep a variety of other problems from occurring, such as poor speech and chewing efficiency and the shifting of the existing teeth. There are many … Continue reading

Dentures available for seniors in the Wrentham area

Dentures available for seniors in the Wrentham area

Addressing missing teeth is important for patients of all ages. Teeth missing from the smile can affect aesthetics as well as function. When decay, extraction, or injury results in the loss of natural teeth, it is essential for patients in the Wrentham area to visit a dentist who can provide replacement solutions as soon as possible. The three methods of replacing missing teeth include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Speaking with a dentist at Advanced Dental Practices in regards to which one is most appropriate is the first step in being proactive about oral health and wellness. For seniors … Continue reading

Wrentham, MA dentist explains the advantages of implants to support a denture

Many patients in the Wrentham, MA area who are dealing with tooth loss are aware of the benefit of dental implants. These posts of titanium alloy or zirconium are used to replace a single tooth permanently. However, many are unaware of how implants can be used with complete dentures to create an unstoppable pair! Implant-supported dentures are becoming more popular as patients realize the actual benefits of a stable tooth replacement. What are implant-supported dentures? Full dentures are fabricated of acrylic and replace an entire dental arch of missing or extracted teeth. However, they can be difficult for some patients … Continue reading

Dentist in Wrentham can provide root canal therapy without the need for a specialist

Wrentham can provide root canal therapy without the need for a specialist

A simple toothache may seem like it’s just an issue with a cavity, but it may actually be much more. Abscesses, severe tooth decay, and other conditions can negatively impact individual teeth within the smile and require special procedures to restore. This includes root canal therapy. Dentist describes root canal therapy Dr. Rawat in Wrentham is skilled in root canal therapy, so patients do not have to be referred out to a specialist. When infection, inflammation, large cavities, or injury occur to a tooth and result in damage to the dental pulp, there are two options available – either root … Continue reading

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